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    The construction of a large-scale logistics channel needs to achieve "four modernizations"

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    The construction of a large-scale logistics channel needs to achieve "four modernizations"


    First, networking. Logistics corridors have clearly driven economic corridors and radiating areas to guide the supply chain layout. Clear routes and branch lines, nodes, and sub-nodes must be defined; each channel has its own connection and interface with other channels.
    Second, branding. In order to allow the market to accept, usually the logistics channel emerges with a stable and standardized logistics service product form, with stable transportation time, cost, operating density, delivery methods, settlement and insurance commitments, and channel names, which are used as brand marks for market identification.
    Third, platformization. The construction of the logistics channel is a product of cross-regional and cross-industry cooperation among multi-interest groups. The cooperation model has various forms. The first is the corporatization model, which organizes the various regions involved in the passage to form a joint venture company. The second is the alliance model of stakeholders. The third is the mode of transport cooperation.
    Fourth, collaboration. The multimodal transport channel must be a “collective action”, and the interconnection of information and the unification of rules are the first principles of collaboration. The purpose of collaboration is to continuously reduce transaction costs outside the parties involved in the cooperation. The way of collaboration is through contractual relationships or institutional governance. The collaborative approach is to continuously optimize the entire channel process through the application of engineering technology and management technology, including the customs clearance process, the operational flow of the goods and the entire chain of service processes.

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